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Add cover pages

Customize reports with a cover page, which can include introductory elements such as report title, description, and company branding.
1. Create or open a report.
2. Click New.
3. Choose Cover Page from the dropdown menu.
4. Give the cover page a title and description.
5. To insert the cover page at the top of the report, check the box next to Add to top.
You can also rearrange the cover page - or any report item - by dragging and dropping to a new location in the report.
6. Click Create.
7. On the next screen, customize your cover page, if desired. Uncheck boxes next to items you want to remove from the cover page (company logo, phone number, etc.) and adjust visual properties as needed. If you do not want to customize the cover page, navigate away from this screen.
8. To save customizations, click Update.
Custom properties refer to any unique properties you have added to your report, beyond default properties. See the custom properties section for more information.
Last modified 7mo ago