Filter by conditions

You can share a view of your report filtered by a number of conditions, including who the report item is assigned to and when it is due.

  1. Tap on a report to open it.

  2. Set a report filter based on the conditions you want to display in the published report.

  3. In the example below, the Created condition was selected.

  4. You can adjust the condition by tapping the settings menu. In the example below, we only wanted to show items that were created this week. So we tapped the default setting, All, and chose Week from the menu.

  5. Click the back arrow in the top-left corner to see your report with the filter on.

  6. The conditions you specified will show in the middle of the screen, next to the blue filter icon. Only items matching these conditions will be included in the published report.

  7. Click the checkmark in the lower-right corner to finish generating your filtered report.

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