Custom properties

Use custom property types to tailor report fields to your business needs.

The following custom properties can be added to reports:

  • Text

  • Choice

  • True and False

  • Date


The Text property allows users to input unique values. For example, if a project manager needs to initial a report or if the report requires other types of text entry, you might consider adding a report field using the Text property.


The Choice property allows users to select from a pre-defined set of choices in a drop-down menu. For example, a contractor might populate three construction types for report creators to choose from: New, Remodel, Demolition. Input would be confined to one of these selections.

True and False

The True and False property allows users to set a simple "yes/no" variable in reports. For example, if a report creator needs to indicate whether a project is new or ongoing, or if something is present or absent, the True and False property can help display that information quickly.


The Date property allows users to set a custom date field, giving report creators access to a calendar interface for easy and accurate date entry.

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