User Interface Overview

Get to know the Report and Run mobile app.


When you open the Report and Run mobile app, you will see a directory listing the folders and reports within your work space. Tap a report or folder in the directory to open it. In the image below, A is an example of a folder and B is an example of a report.


To access account information, such as image quota and settings, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner of your work space (see A in the image below).
A panel will pop out. You can set account details by tapping the one of the options here.


When you open a report, you will see a list of items, such as images, paragraphs, and sections. Tap on an item to open it.

Report items

With a report item open, you can quickly add text and additional images. To access more details on images, such as description and due date, pull up the bar below the image.

PDF generation

You can generate a PDF by clicking Share at the bottom-right corner of any report.
The generated PDF can be downloaded on your phone or shared with others via a web link.
Example of a generated PDF report
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