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Add custom properties to report

Add custom report properties - like date fields, text entries, and drop-down selections - based on your business needs.
1. Select an existing report from the left side of your work space.
2. Click the report title on the right side of the screen (next to the pencil icon).
You can also add custom properties when creating a new report. The steps will be the same as described below, but instead of an Update button, you would see a Create button.
3. Check the Customize box below the report description.
4. A list of properties will appear. Click the New button in the Report Properties section on the left side of the screen.
5. Choose the property type from the drop-down menu. (In the example below, we chose the Date property.)
6. Add the title, description, and options. Click Create.
7. Click Update.
8. The custom properties you created will be available the next time you open your report settings.
Enabled properties are included in the report's cover page.