User Interface Overview

Get familiar with the main screens on the Report and Run web application.


You will see the account screen when you first login. It shows all of the work spaces you have access to in Report and Run. Click on a work space to open it.


A directory of folders and reports appears on the left side your work space. A details panel appears on the right side of the screen.
The directory contains your work space's folders and reports.
When you click on an item in the directory, the details panel shows related information. For example, if you click on a report, the details panel will show an option to open and share the report.
Example of details panel for a report.


When you open a report, you will see a list of report items on the left side of the screen.
Example of report screen without sections.
If the report is organized into sections, you will see the list of sections. You can click on the sections to expand them and reveal their contents.
Example of report screen with sections.
The details panel appears on the right side of the screen after you select a report item. From the details panel you can add annotations to an image, adjust properties like dates and project status, and rename report items.
Example of report screen with an image selected.